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FOCCUS organizes events throughout the year to build up a strong Friends community and to share with each other their love for their Mother Church. FOCCUS events are listed below.

To learn about events at Canterbury Cathedral, visit the Cathedral website. The Friends of Canterbury Cathedral UK organise regular events too. For details, visit the UK Friends pages.

Periodic newsletters help keep our members informed of the work of the charity.

Pilgrimage Pathways: 2nd & 3rd Journeys of Paul ~ Mediterranean Cruise

13 – 24 September 2020, price: $3848 Guest Speaker: The Rev. Dr. Chuck Robertson Enrich your faith and deepen your understanding of the Bible as walk in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul in Athens, Corinth, and Ephesus on this 12-day cruise. In addition to these Biblical sites, you will explore cultural, historical, and church […]

Pilgrimage Pathways: Music, Art, Literature & Gardens on the Welsh-English Borders

10 – 21 July 2020, price: $5300 For twelve days, you are invited to discover and embrace the concept of PILGRIMAGE through an enchanted land. Centered around a journey that builds toward a specific place, this itinerary explores a number of the places that have built the character of the Welsh people in their native […]

Pilgrimage Pathways: The Holy Land Pilgrimage ~ Exploring Discipleship in the Footsteps of Christ

1 – 12 March 2020, price: $4595 As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are on a lifelong pilgrimage of faith. The holy Scriptures, along with our prayer and worship, deepen our faith as we make our journey. They strengthen us to do God’s will, and help bring us closer to our goal of being at […]

Pilgrimage Pathways: Chaucer’s Journey – London to Canterbury

An Offering for the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral in the United States led by The Reverend Canon Matthew Corkern Travel Dates: Friday 24 May – Monday 3 June 2019 This journey opens new avenues of exploration in the fields of art, architecture, music, literature and history – alongside our living faith. As we travel through […]

Pilgrimage Pathways: Capturing Light in Reflection on WWI

Art & Remembrance across Northern France and Belgium Travel Dates: 3 July – 13 July 2018 WORLD WAR I – fought between 1914 and 1918 – was a conflict on an epic scale and left an indelible mark on the collective memory of the countries forever changed in the course of history. This twelve-day pilgrimage […]

Pilgrimage Pathways: Three Nations with the Viking Legacy Inspiring World Peace

A Scandinavian Pilgrimage led by The Reverend Canon Matthew Corkern Travel dates: 24 June – 8 July 2018 This pilgrimage traces the history, spirituality and cultural highlights of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. We visit three Scandinavian capitals, their cultural environs and each of their cathedral-seats at Trondheim, Roskilde and Uppsala. From royal personages to archbishops, […]

Pilgrimage Pathways: Ancient Manuscripts and Modern Art across England

An English Pilgrimage co-led by The Bishop of Arizona and Canon Corkern Travel dates: 2 April – 12 April 2018 This is a pilgrimage co-led with Bishop Kirk Smith of Arizona and Dr. Christopher de Hamel (the Curator of the Augustine Gospels). We shall travel behind the scenes at the British Library and the museums/libraries […]

Pilgrimage Pathways: Art and Culture – Faith and Justice in the Deep South

An American South Pilgrimage led by The Reverend Canon Matthew Corkern Travel dates: 28 January – 7 February 2018 Have you ever wondered what it was really like down South? This pilgrimage opens a door onto the American South to illustrate the ideas of Southern hospitality across the last three centuries in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama […]

Pilgrimage Pathways: In the Footsteps of Martin Luther, October 2017

Come join the 500th Anniversary Celebration in the places where it all began! Travel Dates: 19-29 October 2017 led by The Reverend Canon Matthew Corkern We will take a captivating journey across five centuries of Reformation through the heart of Germany. Together we will consider the deep impact of Martin Luther’s work, and gain appreciation […]

Pilgrimage Pathways: Northern Italy and Albania, September 2016

A Journey of History, Art, Architecture, Literature, Politics and Religion Travel Dates: 18-30 September 2016 led by The Reverend Canon Matthew Corkern Alas, almost 16 years have passed since I led my first pilgrimage in March 2000. Next autumn, I shall lead an intimate pilgrimage to mark this point in late September. After much thought, […]