Scholars’ Program

It is vitally important to continue the Canterbury Scholars’ Program for those early years of ministry. In terms of developing mutual understanding, these courses are invaluable. The Friends of Canterbury Cathedral in the United States continue to help the conferences financially and I would like to offer the warmest thanks for this needed support at this time in our Anglican story.

The Very Reverend David Monteith, Dean of Canterbury

seminariansThe International Study Centre (ISC), opened in 2000, is a state-of-the-art conference center which welcomes pilgrims and visitors all year round.

FOCCUS seeks to strengthen the annual scholars’ program, which offers theological reflection and leadership development to seminarians and clergy in the early years of their ministries.

The scholars come from all over the world to broaden their perspectives by exploring Anglicanism as it is understood and practiced in cultures other than their own. In this era of debate within Anglicanism, the mission of the ISC could not be more urgent and essential.

We have found unity and mutual respect in diversity by being in dialogue with each other at Canterbury.

A participating scholar

The students are committed to sharing what they have learned with colleagues and friends in their home countries.

The ISC sponsors an annual gathering of new bishops from around the world. They engage with each other from a variety of theological perspectives, gaining mutual respect and understanding.