Pilgrimage Pathways: Art and Culture – Faith and Justice in the Deep South

An American South Pilgrimage led by The Reverend Canon Matthew Corkern

Travel dates: 28 January – 7 February 2018

Have you ever wondered what it was really like down South? This pilgrimage opens a door onto the American South to illustrate the ideas of Southern hospitality across the last three centuries in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

We experience these amazing cultures through food, music, art, and religion. Along side the route traveled, we trace the evolution of slavery and the echo from Civil Rights to the Rights for All Humanity. This journey promises to be an adventure whereby history and faith will come alive!

Our ancient faith calls us to encounter the contemporary world through friendships formed across these native lands of culture, history and religion. To express interest or obtain further details, please contact Matthew Corkern by email or call 908-277-1814. All Pilgrimages sponsored by the trustees of the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral in the United States, with special donations given.