Pilgrimage Pathways: Three Nations with the Viking Legacy Inspiring World Peace

A Scandinavian Pilgrimage led by The Reverend Canon Matthew Corkern

Travel dates: 24 June – 8 July 2018

This pilgrimage traces the history, spirituality and cultural highlights of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. We visit three Scandinavian capitals, their cultural environs and each of their cathedral-seats at Trondheim, Roskilde and Uppsala. From royal personages to archbishops, from fellow parishioners with familial connections to artistic experts, a myriad of individuals will greet and host our journey!

For a summer excursion, the weather will be exactly right and provide the settings by which artists and authors have created new worlds and transformed the lives of generations. Most importantly, our journey contemplates the Nobel Prizes and their influence on our global community today.

Our ancient faith calls us to encounter the contemporary world through friendships formed across these native lands of culture, history and religion. To express interest or obtain further details, please contact Matthew Corkern by email or call 908-277-1814. All Pilgrimages sponsored by the trustees of the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral in the United States, with special donations given.