Pilgrimage Pathways: Chaucer’s Journey – London to Canterbury

An Offering for the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral in the United States

led by The Reverend Canon Matthew Corkern

Travel Dates: Friday 24 May – Monday 3 June 2019

This journey opens new avenues of exploration in the fields of art, architecture, music, literature and history – alongside our living faith. As we travel through dramatic and breathtaking countryside, we will encounter opportunities to walk in the footsteps of great saints, cultural leaders, and fellow pilgrims. Each setting will allow for an experience not only of learning but also of tranquility… a respite from the frantic pace of modern life…and a chance to joyously laugh with kindred souls!

As the new Chair of FOCCUS (Friends of Canterbury Cathedral in the United States, also known as The American Friends of Canterbury), I thought it was time to offer a pilgrimage surrounding The Pilgrim’s Way from London to Canterbury. During this 41st pilgrimage, we will glean a greater sense of the Anglican Communion, the roots of our historic faith, walk in the footsteps of many apologists as we explore where these people lived, wrote, taught and worshipped. We will visit some of the important sites around the capital of London and then along the old Roman road, called Watling Street, which delivers us at the West Gate of Canterbury. We will cap off our journey with a visit to Canterbury Cathedral – the mother church of the Anglican Communion – where the Dean of Canterbury Cathedral will host us as guests within the Precincts and lead us on a candlelit tour of the Cathedral. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is not to be missed.

This eleven-day journey focuses on the stories of St Augustine of Canterbury, William Penn, Thomas Grey, John Milton, Thomas Cranmer, Geoffrey Chaucer, Thomas Becket and the manifold cloud of witnesses surrounding us each daily.

Visits include: Milton’s Cottage, Jordans Quaker Meeting, Mayflower Barn; Shakespeare’s Globe; Baptismal Renewal at St Martin’s Church (oldest continuous church in England); Tate Britain, Evensong & Tours at Westminster Abbey and Southwark Cathedral; St Augustine’s Abbey, Piper’s Window at Lamberhurst, and Chagall’s Windows at Tudeley; and most importantly, Canterbury Cathedral Precincts, Archives, Stonemasons’ Yard, and Stained-glass Studio.

Costs include: $3600 per person all inclusive… except two dinners, four lunches, airfare, and insurance.

Our ancient faith calls us to encounter the contemporary world through friendships formed across our native motherland of culture, history and religion. To express interest or obtain further details, please be in touch with Matthew Corkern via, or contact Pilgrimage Pathways by email or call 908-277-1814.