Pilgrimage Pathways: Northern Italy and Albania, September 2016

A Journey of History, Art, Architecture, Literature, Politics and Religion

Travel Dates: 18-30 September 2016
led by The Reverend Canon Matthew Corkern

Alas, almost 16 years have passed since I led my first pilgrimage in March 2000. Next autumn, I shall lead an intimate pilgrimage to mark this point in late September. After much thought, I invite you to join a small group of amiable companions to celebrate and accompany me on this special journey.

You may be surprised but this pilgrimage continues my original theme of trekking very extraordinary parts of Europe, I am designing a tour of the art, faith, culture, cafes and markets found in Northern Italy and Albania. Working with the leading UNESCO archaeologist of Albania, we shall traverse the exquisite countryside and oft-­‐undiscovered nation of Albania with an initial few days in/around Milan and Florence, and then a return three days in Venice and Padua.

This is truly to be the journey of a lifetime with friends old and new. Our number shall be sixteen pilgrims in total with those who sign­up first. I am also delighted to announce that my Calvary colleague, Mr Cimi (Shkelchim) Petrela from Summit will accompany us along the Way with first-hand knowledge and expertise on the regions, peoples, and superb gourmand meals interspersed with simple salad suppers.

This thirteen-day journey focuses on the behind-­the-scenes cultural workings of cathedrals, country-homes, and a few Anglican institutions beside Roman cousins and Muslim friends.


Visits include: Milan Basilica; DaVinci’s Last Supper; St James American Church in Florence; The Duomo and the Baptistery of Florence; EIGHT DAYS to explore Albania; Macedonian monastery with largest icon collection on earth; The Court Ceremonial surrounding the Doges of Venice; Holy Eucharist Commissioning within St Mark’s Cathedral; Museo Marco Polo; Glass-artists and Nativity wood-carvers studios; Cruise on the Grand Canal; and Arena Chapel (Giotto’s murals).


Our ancient faith calls us to encounter the contemporary world through friendships formed across these native lands of culture, history and religion. To express interest or obtain further details, please contact Matthew Corkern by email or call 908-277-1814.*Please note this pilgrimage is priced as an all-inclusive package of everything except air-travel and insurance. This trip is based on double-occupancy, but singles may be accommodated upon sign-up. This itinerary includes $300 tax-deductible donation to Canterbury Cathedral.